supplier risk management

The Gaps

•Research shows many companies:
•Lose up to 75% of sourcing savings within the first 18 months
•Fail to establish “customer of choice” status with 95% of their suppliers
•Develop inconsistent, disparate processes and continuous improvement initiatives
•Ignore supplier non-conformance worth an additional 1% - 5% of savings
•Miss staff productivity up to 7.5%
•Miss supplier collaboration opportunities
•Supplier risks are felt by GM, Chipotle, Samsung – can cost huge $, ruin brand names, consume resources

My Vision

•Create a firm that helps companies work with suppliers to achieve better, lasting results
•Thought leadership in Supplier Management
•Develop new strategies and tools to help companies improve their bottom line.
•Combine academic concepts with practical experience
•Improve client’s productivity, efficiency, reduce costs
•Coach clients to work more collaboratively both internally and externally

No Competition

•Other firms focus on implementing expensive systems, analyzing spend or niche improvements
•Function as virtual Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)
•Help define supply chain goals
•Develop strategies to achieve
•Analyze supply base – more than just spend
•Develop and implement tools and processes
•Request for Quote
•Guidelines for purchase order vs procurement cards
•Sourcing – identifying and selecting suppliers
•Train and coach staff
•Assess skills, evaluate structure of the organization
•Assist with identifying candidates (as needed)
•Establish metrics for staff and suppliers


•Ensure employees have right skills, tools, processes
•Analyze supplier base thoroughly
•Define and measure supplier performance
•Establish supplier relationships including escalation paths, buyer to executive level
•Identify and mitigate supplier risks
•Model scales according to organization maturity

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